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Gerald Harper



Charismatic leading man Gerald Harper was a major TV star during the 1960’s and 1970’s thanks to Adam Adamant Lives in the sixties and Hadleigh in the seventies. Harper pretty much retired from the small screen after the end of Hadleigh in 1976 he did continue with theatre work and a long running radio show on Capitol and the Radio 2.

Harper was born 15 February 1929 in London, England.


1956: ITV Play of the Week: Ten Minute Alibi as Detective Sergeant Brace
1957: ITV Television Playhouse: The Sand Castle as Dr Herbert Faulklner
1957: O.S.S.: Operation Sardine as Lt Patrick
1959: Skyport (Series) as David Kinnerton
1959: The Dupont Show of the Month: Hamlet as Guildenstern
1961: The Return of the Old Pull ‘n Push Episode 6 as Gerrard
1962: The Avengers: Death Dispatch as Travers
1962: Harpers West One Season 2 Episode 10 as Rex Staple
1962: Out of This World: Divided We Fall as Colonel Tanner
1962: Emergency Ward Ten Episodes 519-521 as Captain French
1963: BBC Sunday Night Play: Plain Jane as Adrian
1963: Bud Episode 3 as Mr Smart
1963: The Plane Makers: The Short Run as Laurie Bamber
1963: No Hiding Place: Alexander’s Ragtime Girl as Peter Gonzales
1963: Love Story: Snakes and Ladders as Clive
1964: ITV Play of the Week: Gina as Kerry Duke
1964: The Sleeper (Serial) as Peter Dibden
1964: Ghost Squad: Hideout
1964: The Protectors: Happy is the Loser as Hon. Arthur Keir
1964: The Human Jungle: Hearbeats in a Tin Box as 1st Lawyer
1964: Gideon’s Way: State Visit as Deputy Commissioner Rae Cox
1965: The Avengers: The Hour That Never Was as Geoffrey Risdale
1965: ITV Play of the Week: The Corsican Brothers as Chateau
1965: Francis Durbridge Presents: A Man Called Harry Brent (Serial) as Detective Inspector Alan Milton
1965: Public Eye: I Went to Borrow A Pencil and Look What I Found as Raymond Franks
1966: Francis Durbridge Presents: A Game of Murder (Serial) as Detective Inspector Jack Kerry
1966-1967: Adam Adamant Lives (Series) as Adam Adamant
1967: The Dick Emery Show Season 6 Episode 3
1968: The Champions: The Fanatics as Croft
1968: Gazette (Series) as James Hadleigh
1968: Armchair Theatre: Unscheduled Stop as Ronnie
1968: City ’68: The Jonah Site
1968: The Caesars (Serial) as Lucius Vitellius
1969: The Avengers: Homicide and Old Lace as Colonel Corf
1969-1975: Hadleigh (Series) as James Hadleigh
1973: Stars on Sunday: Glories of Christmas as Alfred Jingle
1974: Charles Dickens’ World of Christmas
1975: Thriller: If It’s A Man, Hang Up as Greg Miles
1978: The Flockton Flyer: A Question of Honour as Master of Foxhounds
1991: The Craig Ferguson Story as Stage Doorman
2001: Mr Charity: The Big W as Distinguished gentleman

1967: Juke Box Jury Episode 398
1971: Stars on Sunday 14 February 1971
1971: Stars on Sunday 17 October 1971
1973: Whose Baby Season 2 Episode 12
1974: Call My Bluff Season 8 Episode 21
1974: Call My Bluff Season 8 Episode 22
1974: Cilla Season 7 Episode 8
1976: Princely Toys: The Private Kingdom of Jack Donovan (Documentary as narrator)
1976: Those Wonderful TV Times Season 1 Episode 11
1976: The Sweepstakes Game Season 1 Episode 11
1980: This Is Your Life (as Main Subject)
1981: The Diana Dors Show Episode 3
1983: Breakfast Time 12 July 1983
1990: Washes Whiter: Big! Big! Big (Documentary on Advertising includes 1978 Tabac commercial)
1991: World in Action: Britain’s Secret Slaves (Documentary as Narrator)
1992: This Is Your Life: Susan Hampshire
1997: Noel’s Telly Years: 1966
2001: Funny Turns: Paul Eddington A Life Well Lived
2006: This Man Is The One (Video documentary)
2006: The Cult Of… Adam Adamant Lives
2008: Verity Lambert: Dram Queen (Documentary)
2009: The Lonely Man on the Hill (Video documentary for Hadleigh DVD Boxset)



1955: The Dam Busters as Mocking RAF Officer (Uncredited)
1956: The Extra Day as Police Constable
1956: Tiger in the Smoke as Duds Morrison
1956: Stars in Your Eyes as Dicky
1957: Paradise Lagoon as Ernest
1958: A Night to Remember as Third Officer aboard Carpathia
1960: The League of Gentlemen as Captain Saunders
1960: Tunes of Glory as Major Hugo Macmillan
1961: Wonderful to Be Young! as Watts
1963: The Punch and Judy Man as 1st Drunk
1964: Swingers’ Paradise as Sheik / Scotsman / Harold
1965: Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Strangler’s Web as Inspector Murray
1965: Up Jumped A Swagman as Publicity Man
1968: The Shoes of the Fisherman as Brian
1979: The Lady Vanishes as Todhunter

Alastair James is the editor in chief for Memorable TV. He has been involved in media since his university days. Alastair is passionate about television, and some of his favourite shows include Line of Duty, Luther and Traitors. He is always on the lookout for hot new shows, and is always keen to share his knowledge with others.

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