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Ross Kemp Behind Bars – Inside Barlinnie airs 2 Nov on ITV



Ross Kemp Behind Bars - Inside Barlinnie ITV 2 Nov

In this documentary airing on ITV on Thursday 2 Nov at 9.00pm, Ross Kemp spends ten days visiting HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow – one of the oldest and toughest prisons in the world – as ITV’s Crime and Punishment season continues.

Arriving in handcuffs and processed as a prisoner, Kemp has exclusive access to every part of this Victorian prison. He works with violent prisoners wielding knives in the jail’s kitchen, joins the security team on a cell search in the constant battle against drug smuggling, and is confronted with an arsenal of home-made weapons concealed in eye-watering places.

In an attempt to understand why Britain’s prison population has doubled in the past 25 years and whether or not prison still works, Kemp explores all aspects of life behind bars. He meets a murderer finishing a life sentence and preparing for life on the outside, and takes on his most challenging interview yet when he comes face to face with a sex offender in the prison’s EHall.

Kemp branched out into filming crime-based documentaries in 2004 with Ross Kemp on Gangs, a series exploring the impact of modern gang culture in UK and around the world. He followed that up with the documentaries In Afghanistan, In Search of Pirates, Battle for the Amazon and Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

Ross Kemp Behind Bars – Inside Barlinnie airs Thursday 2 November 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.