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Oktober (ITV Scifi, Stephen Tompkinson, Lydzia Englert)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In thriller serial Oktober teacher Jim Harper (Stephen Tompkinson) finds himself hunted down after his body is used in a sinister medical experiment.

Tompkinson was keen to take on the more active role telling the Daily Mirror “I grabbed this project because I’d never been asked to do anything like this before, and the chance to do stunts was one reason it was so appealing.

“As soon as I read the script I knew there hadn’t been anything like this on British TV for a very long time. It has elements of The 39 Steps running through it. It asks how an ordinary person manages to deal with a set of quite extraordinary events.”

UK / ITV / 3×60 minute episodes / 1998

Writer and Director: Stephen Gallagher / Producer: Brian Eastman

Cast: Stephen Tompkinson as Jim Harper; Lydzia Englert as Rochelle Genoud; Maria Lennon as Linda; James McCarthy as Viveros; James Duke as Daniel; Michael Bertenshaw as Doctor Franks; Stephen Jenn as Russian; Richard Leaf as Bruno; Michael N. Harbour as Werner; Hermione Gulliford as Kim