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Lost City Of Gaul: Unearthing Bibracte (SBS Sunday 19 March 2023)



Lost City Of Gaul: Unearthing Bibracte on SBS

Lost City Of Gaul: Unearthing Bibracte – Named Bibracte, it is the most significant oppidum in all of Gaul. Aedui, a Gallic tribe friendly to the Romans, settled there and constructed a fortified city.

Can you imagine this ancient metropolis of 10,000 people? How did they manage to construct such strong defences when no other Gallic city had them at the time? How did archaeologists read ancient wooden artefacts that had been worn down by the passage of time? How come the Aedui just up and left their capital?

Evidence of rapid Romanisation, such as a forum, a basilica, and a sophisticated hydraulic system, is about to be revealed thanks to state-of-the-art LIDAR-enabled topographic maps and breathtaking computer-generated imagery.

Bibracte is still a massive excavation site, and its remnants continue to disclose ancient mysteries. Archaeologists, in the role of true investigators, have uncovered evidence of the ancient tribe’s cunning and brilliance during a pivotal time in the Roman Gallic age.

Airdate: Sunday 19 March 2023 at 8.30pm on SBS.