Netflix’s Toughest Forces on Earth: A Look Inside Elite Military Units, May 22 Premiere

Netflix's Toughest Forces on Earth

Three Veterans Train with Special Forces in Extreme Environments

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming eight-part docuseries, Toughest Forces on Earth, which takes viewers inside the world of some of the most elite and secretive military units. The series, produced by Emporium Productions, follows three former special operations soldiers as they travel the globe, training with these highly skilled forces.

The trailer offers a glimpse into the intense and challenging environments these veterans will face, from the deserts to the arctic, the jungle to the sea. The series will showcase the unique skills and tactics of these military units, providing a fascinating insight into the world of special forces.

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“Toughest Forces on Earth” immerses viewers in the world of elite military units and special operations. Hosted by former special operations soldiers Cameron Fath (US Army Ranger), Dean Stott (British Special Forces), and Ryan Bates (US Navy Seal), the show offers a unique and authentic perspective.

In each episode, the trio embarks on a journey to a different country, living and training with renowned military units to gain firsthand experience of their operations and survival strategies in extreme conditions. The countries featured include Jordan, Colombia, Sweden, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Austria, and the United States, each known for their specialized forces.

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From the Jordanian Special Forces to Colombia’s elite Jungla Commando police unit and the Swedish Parachute Rangers, the series showcases a diverse range of capabilities and expertise. Commissioned by Netflix’s unscripted and non-fiction executives Mollie Block and Todd Hurvitz, “Toughest Forces on Earth” offers exhilarating adventures and insight into the training, camaraderie, and specialized skills of these elite forces.

With a launch date set for May 22, 2024, “Toughest Forces on Earth” provides a rare glimpse into the world of special operations and the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving their countries.

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