Cowboys (ITV Sitcom, Roy Kinnear, Colin Welland)



Sitcom Cowboys detailed the exploits of a trio of well dodgy builders. The three were Geyser (Colin Welland), Eric (James Wardoper) and Wobby Ron (David Kelly). Their boss was Joe Jones (Roy Kinnear).

Despite the fact that the trio considered themselves artisans they managed to cause no small amount of chaos wherever they went.

Cowboys was writer Peter Learmouth’s TV debut and wrote the first script on spec because he had a contact in the Thames TV sound department. The series had a strange run with 13 episodes in total. It’s second season of five episodes followed hot on the heels of the first with a gap of less than a month and then a year later two further episodes were broadcast. These were clearly part of the second season and it could well be that all 13 episodes were filmed as one batch.

Cast: Roy Kinnear as Joe Jones; Colin Welland as Geyser; David Kelly as Wobbly Ron; James Wardroper as Eric; Debbie Linden as Doreen (Season 1); Janine Duvitski as Muriel Bailey (Season 2)

Writer: Peter Learmouth / Theme Music: Ray Russell / Producer and Director: Michael Mills

UK / ITV – Thames / 13×30 minute episodes / 3 September 1980 – 15 Dec 1981

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