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Hit And Run (BBC Thriller, Joseph O’Conor, James Beck)



In four part BBC thriller Hit and Run the police investigate a fatal accident that is more than it seems. The car involved in the hit and run belonged to solicitor Gerald Priestley (Joseph O’Conor) and the chief suspect is his son Steven (John Tillinger). Gerald is convinced of his son’s innocence though (despite the fact that Steven was drunk on the night in question).

Reviewing the second episode in the The Stage (28 Jan 1965) Bill Edmund was enjoying the series but was unconvinced about the playing of the younger members of the cast saying “I don’t think they believe in the characters they are playing. There is much talk of Jags and sports cars and private parties. Here is an attempt to be men and women of the world while dressed in the clothing of the under twenties.”

Cast: Joseph O’Conor (Gerald Prestley), Rosalie Crutchley (Georgian Prestley), William Dexter (Detective Inspector Kleenan), Reg Lye (Jelly Evans), John Tillinger (Steven Prestley), James Beck (Detective Sergeant Reece), Laurie Asprey (Alan Blossom), Noel Trevarthen (Bill Deane), Edina Ronay (Caroline Astey), Wanda Ventham (Paula Young)

Writer: Evelyn Fraser / Novel: Jeffrey Ashford / Music: Max Harris / Producer and Director: Paddy Russell

UK / BBC / 4×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 January – 8 February 1965