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Rosie (BBC Sitcom, Paul Greenwood, Tony Haygarth)



Rosie BBC Sitcom, Paul Greenwood

BBC sitcom Rosie followed naive young police constable Michael Penrose (Paul Greenwood), he had a possessive girlfriend Gillian (Frankie Jordan) and a strange family.

The show started off as The Growing Pains of PC Penrose with Rosie working away from his home town, but shortened to Rosie when PC Penrose returned home. Star Greenwood did a great job on the theme tune too.

Cast: Paul Greenwood as PC Michael Penrose (‘Rosie’); Bryan Pringle as Sgt W T Flagg (series 1); David Pinner as PC Buttress (series 1); Alan Foss as PC Toombs (series 1); Christopher Burgess as Insp Fox (series 1); Catherine Chase as WPC Dean (series 1); Avril Elgar as Millie Penrose (series 2-4); Patricia Kneale as Millie Penrose (series 5); Allan Surtees as Uncle Norman (series 2-5); Lorraine Peters as Aunt Ida (series 2-5); Tony Haygarth as PC Wilmot (series 2-5); Paul Luty as Chief-Insp Dunwoody (series 2-4); Penny Leatherbarrow as WPC Brenda Whatmough (series 2-5); Frankie Jordan as Gillian (series 2-5); Robert Gillespie as Merv (series 2); John Cater as Merv (series 3-5); Janet Dale as Renata (series 4); Liz Goulding as Renata (series 5); Albert Shepherd as Englebert (series 5); Don McKillop as Bill (series 2-4); Maggie Jones as Glenda (series 2-4)

Writer: Roy Clarke / Theme Music: Paul Greenwood / Producers: Douglas Argent, Bernard Thompson

UK / BBC One / 27×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1977 – 1981