“High on the Hog” Season 2 Premieres November 22 on Netflix

High on the Hog Season 2 Premieres November 22 on Netflix

High on the Hog is the immersive docu-series that explores the transformative power of African-American cuisine in America. In its second season, which premieres Wednesday November 22 on Netflix, the show takes viewers on a journey across the United States to uncover the ways in which African-American food has fueled social justice movements, transformed communities, and awakened cultural creativity.

Hosted by Stephen Satterfield, High on the Hog delves into the culinary renaissance that emerged in the U.S. following emancipation. The four-part series travels to Louisiana, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, where Satterfield breaks bread with chefs, artists, and activists. Together, they explore the rich history and impact of African-American cuisine on American culture.

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The series highlights various culinary innovations that have shaped American history. From the creation of Chicken & Waffles during the Harlem Renaissance to the Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program in the 1960s, African-American food has played a significant role in social and political movements. High on the Hog also sheds light on the current fight against food apartheid through community gardens that aim to provide access to fresh and healthy food.

Based on the book High on the Hog by food historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris, the series uncovers untold stories of how Black Americans have shaped America’s kitchen. It celebrates the influence, resilience, and innovation of African-American food, showcasing the ways in which it has connected generations, reclaimed history, and mobilized social justice movements.

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The second season of High on the Hog builds upon the success of its award-winning first season, which explored the culinary history born in Africa and shaped by slavery in America. This new installment takes viewers on a deeper dive into the post-emancipation era, where African-American cuisine experienced a creative renaissance.

Stephen Satterfield takes viewers on a journey through five iconic American cities: Louisiana, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. But this is not your typical travel show. Satterfield goes beyond the surface-level exploration of tourist attractions and instead delves into the rich history and culture of these cities through the lens of food.

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