Twisted Cover Up (ID, Saturday May 25, 2024)

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Investigation Discovery presents a one off documentary, Twisted Cover Up, airing on Saturday, May 25. The episode tells the disturbing story of Denise Gay and the brutal murder of 19-year-old Martre Coles, which was set into motion after a short period of dating between Tyrone Coles and Denise, despite opposition from both families.

Denise Gay, the girlfriend of Tyrone Coles, orchestrated a sinister plan to lure Martre Coles to his death in March 2017. Taking advantage of her position in the family home in Henrico, Virginia, after Martre’s mother’s passing, Denise sent the teen a deceptive email, purportedly from Full Sail University, inviting him to visit the art school. On what was supposed to be a day of travel and excitement, Martre was instead suffocated, and his body callously hidden in a plastic bin.

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The investigation takes a compelling twist when Alana, Denise’s 12-year-old daughter, bravely reveals to police that she witnessed her mother and sister commit the heinous act. Despite this crucial testimony, the case remained open for several weeks, with Martre’s body eventually being discovered by chance on April 2. Demonstrating their investigative prowess, police then strategically placed a hidden camera near the scene, capturing incriminating footage of Denise returning to search for the body.

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The trial uncovers disturbing details, with Alana’s testimony painting a picture of her mother and sister forcefully holding Martre down as he desperately struggled. This account is further bolstered by forensic evidence placing Denise at the scene, and text messages between the pair revealing their calculated plans to relocate and bury the body.

Twisted Cover Up airs Saturday, May 25, at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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